Dual Fuel Fleece Battery Heated Gloves by Warmawear™

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Dual Fuel Fleece Battery Heated Gloves by Warmawear™Dual Fuel Fleece Battery Heated Gloves by Warmawear™Dual Fuel Fleece Battery Heated Gloves by Warmawear™Dual Fuel Fleece Battery Heated Gloves by Warmawear™
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Dual Fuel Fleece Battery Heated Gloves by Warmawear™Dual Fuel Fleece Battery Heated Gloves by Warmawear™Dual Fuel Fleece Battery Heated Gloves by Warmawear™Dual Fuel Fleece Battery Heated Gloves by Warmawear™
These snug fleece gloves will give you hours of warmth and comfort by utilising heating elements that will run all the way to your fingertips. This innovative pair of gloves are part of the Dual Fuel Dual Fuel

Combining disposable heat packs with our state of the art battery powered heating system

Our innovative Dual Fuel range utilizes our heating system with a strong and portable heat pack, which fits conveniently into the gloves utility pocket.
This way, you can preserve battery life by using the flexible pack first and using battery power later, use the heat pack as an emergency back up or combine both methods for ultimate heat.
range by Warmawear™, which provides you with extra heat options to make more of your heated gloves.

Enjoy snow sports, gardening and day to day life without worrying about numb finger tips or dull ache from the cold. The soft fleece fabric in modern gray color is a wonderfully warming way to make the most of your winter and shield yourself from the icy air. These ultra modern gloves will give you versatile warmth exactly when you need it.

  • Dual Fuel Technology allows you to have back up heat, extend the heating life of your gloves and maximise the glove warmth by combining our disposable heat packs with the battery heating.
  • Warmawear™ Tecsense finger spots - gloves feature Tecsense finger tips for touch screen use even whilst wearing gloves
  • Soft fleece material - luxurious to the touch, fleece offers wonderful insulation
  • Joining clips for gloves - black clips keep gloves safe and together when not in use
  • One button power system - easy to use on/off system features a power light on the cuff for convenience
  • Quick heat up system - get almost instant heat with the fast heating elements
  • Utility pocket - designed for our Dual Fuel system, this pocket is also great for cards and more
  • Elasticated cuff - ensures heat stays in and cold stays out whilst giving a comfy versatile fit
  • Adjustable strap - black velcro wrist strap gives you a comfortable and secure fit
  • Uses 1 x 9V battery per glove (not included)
  • Available in: Small/Medium and Medium/Large
  • See our handy sizing guide!

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These soft and comfortable gloves will become a winter staple with their lovely cozy fabric and useful heating system. Perfect as a great gadget gift for the loved one who has it all.

Dual Fuel Technology
The Dual Fuel system is an innovation from Warmawear™ which combines the power of disposable heat packs with our battery powered heating system for groundbreaking versatility.
  • Extend the battery life of your gloves, simply utilize the portable heat packs and their 122°F heat and save battery power for later
  • Never get caught short with these sleek heat packs, use them as a brilliant non electronic back up
  • Maximise the heat you receive by combining the high level heating system with the disposable heat packs, too.

Our slim heat packs will stay warm for up to 6 hours and will help to deliver high levels of valuable heat when sealed into the utility pocket.

Modern Fleece Heated Gloves
Combining practicality with comfort, you can use your touch screen device, go on long walks, enjoy sports and more with these fantastic gloves. The thick fleece body will give you an insulated warmth that will make a very useful gift and essential winter accessory. Heating elements can be invaluable for people who suffer from the cold, such as those who suffer from Raynauds Disease, and can relieve mild arthritis by improving blood flow. The temperature of your hands and feet dramatically affects the ambient body temperature, so keep your extremities warm.

These gloves come complete with utility pockets, perfect for our Dual Fuel heating system. The pocket can also be used to hold ski passes, bank cards, change and more.

Subtle Battery Pouch and LED Power Indicator
Keep toasty with the heated glove system which will warm up almost instantly by using its quick heating elements which reach all the way to the fingertips. The battery pack is cleverly hidden within the glove so you're not hindered by messy wires or cumbersome packs.

These gloves also feature a fantastic LED power indicator and easy to use power button for quick control on the go.

Touchscreen Friendly Technology
Warmawear Tecsense™ finger spots make using basic operations on tablets, phones and any touchscreen technology a breeze. These clever gloves give you the freedom to use your devices whilst keeping your hands warm and snug.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.0/5 (6 reviews)

Rating: 5/5

"A good present for my Grandad"

Reviewed Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rating: 5/5

"Gloves were ideal for my husband who suffers with cold hands and fingers."

Reviewed Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rating: 5/5

"What I had been looking for"

Reviewed Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rating: 4/5

"As Above"

Reviewed Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rating: 1/5

"I am VERY disappointed in the performance these gloves.There is no discernible difference whether they are switched on or not!! (though the batteries are running down fast) By way of experiment I switched one glove to"on",left the other"off"-no difference could be felt.I would NOT recommend these gloves to anyone.I would be very interested in your thoughts on my comments."

Reviewed Monday, January 26, 2015

Heated Gloves says: "We're sorry to hear that you found our Warmawear gloves to be ineffective. A leaflet is included with your order which includes some simple tests that you can do to check how well your gloves are working if you're concerned that they may be faulty. It is also important to use the best batteries - our extensive testing has shown that the best batteries to use with these gloves are Panasonic. One of the advantages of dual fuel gloves is that they don't have to rely on the battery to produce heat. Our disposable heat packs, which run for around 6 hours, can be inserted into the glove to provide extra warmth. Combined with the thick fleece material, this should provide you with more than enough heat. If you still feel that these gloves are unsatisfactory then simply get in contact with our customer service team to arrange a refund."
Rating: 4/5

"Too big for me but product seems good"

Reviewed Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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