Venture Heat - Huggie Buddy Heated Blanket

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Venture Heat - Huggie Buddy Heated Blanket
Venture Heat - Huggie Buddy Heated Blanket

Your favorite couch companion just got cozier!

Get cozy by cuddling up with +Venture's Heated Huggie Buddy. A wearable blanket with a new twist: heat. Perfect for snuggling on the coach to read, watch TV, or take a nap.

Soothing warmth with touch of a button. Take relaxation to the next level. You may never want to leave the couch again.

Special Features

  • Discreetly located in the chest and abdominal area, the heating elements effectively warm your entire body by improving blood circulation. The strategic placement of the front pocket is ideal for warming up cold fingers.
  • With the touch of a button you can select 4 different heat settings to accommodate to your own personal preferences. This gives you the freedom to have heat on demand and to customize the appropriate level of heat to your individual desires.
  • Xtreme Comfort Technology enables you to create your own micro-climate by adjusting the heating level to your individual desire. Unlike traditional A/C heated blankets that emit harmful Electric-Magnetic Fields (EMF), the Huggie Buddy generates gentle, soothing warmth with safe D/C power. The soft, flexible heating panel is integrated with hair-thin micro-alloy fibers built with safety reinforcements for the ultimate performance grid.
  • The plush luxury fabric used to construct the Heated Huggie Buddy is made to give you the softest, most relaxed experience when it comes to blankets.
  • For added safety, a built-in timer automatically shuts off after 30 minutes use. Simply power up the controller again for extended use.
  • The Huggie Buddy is designed for comfort and functionality with built-in sleeves that allow you to use your hands while you are all bundled up in fuzzy warmth and also a front pocket for your valuables.


The Warranty for this product is 12 months from the date of purchase.

1 Heated Huggie Buddy
1 Plug w/ Temperature Controller

One size fits all!


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